During the last years, due to climate changes, we have begun to realize that our needs in energy production are considerable and the production cost is relatively high. Statistics and studies have shown that a huge percentage of energy is consumed by buildings and more specifically these are responsible for 40% of the overall energy consumption. The energy consumption rates must decrease rapidly because in the future we will need 2 or 3 planets to preserve our much afflicted planet Earth (Principle of “one planet�).

Of course the situation in Greece is serious, since, as it has been proven in the past, we need more energy for heating than the countries of the North. Although there is no legislative framework to support the development of bioclimatic buildings, some competent scientists, architects and engineers have provided technical answers. The design of the buildings which takes into account the protection of the environment and our health, with the help of design modules and construction techniques manages to reduce the dependence on heating and cooling equipment of the buildings.

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